The school has a well-stocked library consisting of books and periodicals in all subjects. Students are advised to make the maximum use of the School Library and read at least one book a week. They are permitted to borrow only one book at a time and shouldn’t retain it for more than a fortnight. Reference books and periodicals should not be taken out of the reading room. Perfect silence and order must be maintained in the library.


The school runs its own buses for the convenience of its pupils. Parents who wish to send their children to school by school bus should apply for it to the Principal at the beginning of the academic year. The bus fees will be collected on term basis with other fees. The bus fees vary according to the distance. Bus charges should be paid in advance in the beginning of the term. Travelling by school bus is an occasion for the students to cultivate good habits like patience, team spirit, co-operation and consideration for others. Gentleness and exemplary behaviour is expected from all.


There are three equipped Science Labs for the High School students, one each for Physics, Chemistry and Biology. Teachers and lab assistants help the students from standard VIII to X to use the labs for the Science practical classes.


There is a well equipped computer lab in the school. Students of all classes avail themselves of the computer facility under the supervision of well qualified, experienced and committed computer teachers. Even the students of the lower classes are given an exposure to the use of computers.


The school has three play grounds with Basketball, Football and Shuttle Badminton Courts. Students are also given training in Skating and Kung Fu. Qualified physical education teachers are employed to supervise the physical education programmes.


The school also maintains a beautiful little park for children with necessary facilities for leisure and enjoyment. It is well arranged in the natural set up so that the kids are able to have an unbridled exposure to the warmth of the mother earth enjoying themselves in the lap of nature.