Principal’s Desk


The rain that falls from heaven blesses everyone. It turns the barren land alive and fertile. It enables and enriches life. So also are thoughts and ideas. They are sweet and soft showers falling gently on human minds. They have the power to initiate and nurture life. They can touch and move human hearts. They work wonders in human beings who are open, receptive and industrious. Novel and innovative ideas would turn the globe upside down if received and applied in proper proportions. And it’s the ultimate aim of education to enable each student to think, imagine, innovate and create something that bears the stamp of his very being to realize his immense potentials and to build up the society.

Education, viewed in this sense, is empowerment. It‘s the process of equipping a person to face the realities of life with confidence. It also involves transforming him to a socially responsible and useful individual. It requires the empowerment of all his potentials and blossoming of all his innate qualities, whether intellectual, physical, spiritual or humane.  It’s all about bringing out the best in everyone. True education should rise above the peripherals of learning and should enable a child to apply, analyze and synthesize what’s being learnt so that he would be able to bring out something new, creative and useful for himself as well the society. This is what we all, both the educators as well as students should always strive for.

As we close in on the fag end of this calendar year, and all set to welcome a new one, it’s   imperative for each one of us to pause, ponder and appraise our performance of the days gone. We should devise fresh strategies to address and redress the problems and failures that stare at us. We need to aim and dream high and prepare ourselves for a better flight. We must dispose ourselves with better resolutions and renewed commitment. We should pledge ourselves to grab every opportunity that comes our way either by design or by chance. Let the radiance of wisdom and fragrance of goodness enlighten and enrich ourselves and each one around us. Have a great time ahead!


Fr Thomas Martin Thayil CMI